• Git reflog

    When something goes terribly wrong, git reference log history comes to the rescue.

  • Data Flow in SwiftUI

    When Apple introduced SwiftUI in WWDC 2019, they took care how to onboard developers with the new technology in their ecosystem. One of the important topics was how the data flows in the SwiftUI app, because it’s very different from a traditional UIKit app. The main difference you ask?

  • UIStackView inside UIScrollView

    I guess you might be wondering how to auto-layout properly UIStackView inside UIScrollView, since you are reading this post. The thing about auto-layout trick is to setup auto-layout properly, so the UIScrollView will not show horizontal or vertical scrolls when not needed and it’s content size will be set properly.

  • VIPER template

    Public repository with a VIPER template for Xcode.

  • Swift 2.1 – types, operators and collections


    Welcome on my first part of tutorials about the programming language Swift. In this very first tutorial we will focus on types, operators and collections that are available in Swift. We will use currently newest Swift 2.1 version with Xcode 7.1. To be able to run the code snippets that will be written further, you will need Xcode 7.1+ with Swift 2.1 compiler.

  • Objective-C pitfalls

    Today I will describe some most common pitfalls in Objective-C that, a beginner developer can learn about and the advanced developer can refresh his information about it.